To dream is to travel; to travel is to dream. Remember to dream a little.

Brandoasis is all about the spirit of finding your own personal oasis, your getaway from the rat race – from the thick of it all, to channel your inner creativity. Sometimes to find that inspirational place, we look to the sky and sea. The adventurous essence of travel has always been an exotic notion, even to this day. A psychological escape from thoughts of everyday life. Once upon a time, only the very wealthy could afford to travel the world. Everyone else had to be content to read published travel narratives to learn about the world outside their own town or city. By the 1920’s however, new methods of transportation like air travel, cruise ships, and cars made the world a smaller place and facilitated distant travel. Escapism became reality!

So as an ode to the rich history of commercial travel, we have curated a collection of charmingly exotic vintage travel ads. Hand-painted advertisements and posters like these were the norm just a few decades back. Generously laden with lavish colour, bold typography and alluring visuals of faraway lands, these prints really do take you somewhere else. Even if it is the past. Even if it is only a simple nostalgic break from the twitching, eye paralysing digital ads that harass us these days. Enjoy!








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