Defining your brand vision and values is a key part of developing your brand. Over time as your brand grows and the market changes you need to refine and get clear about where your brand is in the present moment so that you can set new relevant goals. A visualisation process is an important part of realising these goals and a vision board is a tangible element that we can work with to transform our mindset and stay motivated.

We offer Brand workshops for individual entrepreneurs or small business teams.

Personalised Vision & Values Workshop for entrepreneurs

• Have your vision and values changed since last year?

• Has your brand outgrown its current position?

• Do you need to redefine a new direction that is aligned with your heart and purpose?

Practical and creative in nature this workshop takes you through a step-by-step process to redefine your brand vision and values.

Workshop Elements:

1. Brand Analysis Questionnaire – completed via email prior to the workshop

2. Market Review

3. Brand (re)discovery workbook and vision process

4. Outcomes and Brand Vision

When your vision is aligned with your purpose, this gives you energy and focus.

Are you ready to grow your brand?

Duration 2.5 hours online. $400.00 AUD.


Brand Alignment workshop for small business teams

Half day workshop for 3 – 6 people.

• Has your brand outgrown its current position?

• Are the key team members in reaction mode with no clear direction?

• Does the brand need to evolve to a new level but is currently stuck?

A customised workshop that allows key stakeholders to redefine vision, values and objectives for the brand. Practical and creative in nature this workshop takes your team through a step-by-step process to uncover ideas and insights that have been hidden by more functional, everyday pressures. A brand alignment workshop helps everyone get on the same page to move forward with clarity to drive the brands success.

Workshop Elements include:

1. Brand Analysis Questionnaire – completed via email prior to the workshop

2. Market Review

3. Brand alignment workbook and vision process

4. Outcomes and Brand Alignment summary

Duration 3.5 hours  from $720 – $960 AUD.



Jacqui was absolutely brilliant in helping our sustainable fashion start-up define its brand personality, focus and identity. She created personalized prep sheets for the team to complete and did her own research before our branding session, so that we could get the most out of the time together (about 4-5 hours in a zoom meeting due to covid). Jacqui revealed opportunities we never knew existed and one of the most important benefits of the session was getting all members of the team on board, committed, focussed, excited and clearly understanding the goals, product/brand definition and strategies moving forward. When we were 'stuck', Jacqui made all the difference, bringing clarity to our vision and mission. I highly recommend a session to get your business going in leaps and bounds!
Anna Whyte
Founder & CEO, OMNIA Collections
The brand development process gave me direction with regard to my new business Bikram Yoga Billi. It allowed me to reveal my true self - as a yoga teacher and studio owner. The whole process gave me confidence to move ahead (even though I felt a bit blind at times) and trust my intuition. I loved the discussion around the imagery as well as the words that describe the feel and what my business represents. I am very proud of my brand. It is unique and it truly represents Bikram Yoga Billi character.
Francesca Scimone
Bikram Yoga Billi, BYB
The Brand Oasis Branding workshop helped me to remember core parts of my initial vision starting out many years ago. What surprised me was elements coming to the surface that I thought I was done with and wasn't going to include. The beauty of this was years of work and experience therefore did not go to waste. That's the magic of this workshop, you work personally on a deep self searching level. It's creative, fun - yet powerful!!
Sabrina Siobhan
Sabrina Siobhan Sensory Awareness Teacher and Intuitive Life Coach
We used Brand Oasis to to help us better understand our brand personality and to uncover the the key traits our brand has in common with our target market. This has helped us to crystallise our product offering, and improve our communication style with our target audience.
Albert Gershoig
Pacific Training Group
Thanks Jacqui for a great night at Brand Oasis! The questions in the workbook were so helpful in clarifying what my brand personality is and how I can represent that visually. I gained so many valuable insights and can now focus on transforming those ideas into reality.
Sarah Morton
SEO Copywriter & Brand Storyteller
Brand Oasis


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