Refresh your brand and make a piña colada!

Sipping on a piña colada seems like an exotic and relaxing thing to do on a tropical island. But what does that have to do with your brand….

Well like anything the right balance of ingredients makes a good mix. And at Brandoasis we like to make branding an energising experience. We think it’s really important for small business owners to be a part of the creative process so they feel motivated to keep driving their unique brand.

What’s the difference between pineapples and coconuts?

As many of you know Marketing and Branding are both important to your business success. But sometimes there is confusion about these areas.

Marketing is how you promote your business, product or service to the end user, such as your website, social media, direct mail, webinars, blog, advertising, point of sale, networking.

Branding is your business identity and everything tangible and intangible that your brand represents.

There are two main elements to your brand:
• Visual appearance – logo, images, colours, fonts
• Personality – what your brand stands for, it’s character, the feeling it gives you, the voice

Together the visual appearance and brand personality is what your customers experience. AND If you have consistency of these brand elements across all of your marketing channels then your brand can connect more emotionally to your target audience and convert more people to customers.

So is it time to refresh your brand? Ask yourself these 7 questions…
1. Does your brand make you cringe?
2. Are you planning to expand your business in the next 12 months?
3. Are you looking to modify or completely change your target market?
4. Do you have a ‘logo’ but no brand voice or personality?
5. Has your business changed since you created the initial brand identity?
6. Are you trying to sell everything to everyone and need direction and focus?
7. Are you procrastinating about promoting your brand because it doesn’t feel right?

Have you answered yes to some of these questions? then it’s a good time to take action!

Small changes can make a big difference.
Take the time to align your brand with where your business is going now. Refreshing your brand will also also give you clarity and energy which flows in to other areas.

Do you need help? Email Jacqui to talk about your brand.

p.s. below are a couple of links you may find really helpful…

I have found Neil Patel excellent for online marketing ideas
Also a good article from ‘The Guardian’ which sums up the essential brand pillars


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