HOT NEWS! Courage found to keep the conversation going. 

For someone who loves to chat to people it always astounds me how when it comes to starting a conversation via my newsletter I suddenly feel like I am lost for words. Yep, nothing to say!

It’s that inner critic that interjects on the beginning of all my sentences.

Why would you say that?
How will it make a difference?

Anyway I then realise that the newsletters I enjoy to read and gain insights from are simple, honest and above all about people sharing a story and having a conversation.

It doesn’t always have to focus completely on your core product and results!

Using your energy strategically is important.

However if you are a creative soul and you are connecting with the creative souls of others, then sometimes it can be great to say hello, and whether it’s written or spoken, share something authentic about your process…

Last week I went up the coast for a couple of days and rented a simple bungalow from a brazilian guy who I later discovered used to be a journalist for a major media group in the USA. He was photographer back before the digital age when the film had to be put on a plane and sent back for publishing.

Anyway I asked him what type of journalism and he said ‘HOT NEWS’. He said he was always on the move from one place of political or natural turmoil to the next, until he finally retired only a couple of years ago in this idyllic place surrounded by turquoise water and spikey cacti.

While listening, in my mind I was seeing this person constantly on the front line in a place of tension where the potential for radical change was in every moment.

Courage was required to go to those places.

Then I thought about how this related to my own frontier of inner turmoil. The edges of me that I can easily shy away from when looking for answers, ideas and ways to make change.

This got me thinking, what’s my HOT NEWS?

Where do I need courage… to go to the ‘front line’ within myself… what tension do I need to wrestle with for a while until I get to the truth and become clear on the action I need to take.

Tension IS part of the creative process.

It’s also part of giving our brand depth. We can use this place of tension as a sign that there is something to work with there, a creative solution waiting to be uncovered. This HOT NEWS area within ourselves is the place from which to communicate something original and authentic.

So what’s your HOT NEWS?

What can you feel simmering under the surface?

Where can you find the courage to create that proposal, record that video or write that story that can help people during this unknown phase.

Wherever we may find ourselves lets keep the conversation going.


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