Finding your brand vision – the A-HA moment!

It is a well known fact that written goal setting and accountability increases your chance of success.
However, to really keep you motivated and give your brand goals clarity, a bigger picture is needed and that’s called VISION.

Your brand vision is a lighthouse.
Defining your brand vision is like having a lighthouse that shines to remind you where you are going. It’s also the foundation to set brand goals along the way. So it’s essential that your brand vision really aligns with who you are. That way when business challenges arise you have the passion in your Vision Statement to dig deep.

Defining your brand vision really isn’t all that hard.
First, you need to trust that you have the answer. It’s not in the expert book at the shop, it’s not at the uber cool design studio, your friend doesn’t have it and neither does your cousin with the high paid corporate job. You have all the answers to your brand vision right with you… you simply need to take some time to relax, get connected and ask.

Ok, but what does that really mean?

Well from a brain function perspective you need to give yourself the chance to get out of your logical left brain, which does all your process thinking. Then you have the chance to be in your right brain, your creative side where you can tap into your intuitive ideas and insights. Vision comes from here!

It’s about allowing some time, some free flow, some uncontrolled, unmeasured moments to happen.
It’s like floating in the ocean and staring up to the sky, its like laying in the long grass with the sun shining on you, its like surfing a wave, or deep breathing at yoga – it’s any moment that you allow yourself to not think too hard, so that your ideas and inspirations can float up and you feel the A-HA!

You don’t need to be on a remote beach location, it can be when you go for a run in the morning.
Just ask yourself for some insights to define your brand vision.

3 questions to ask (and write it down).
1. What does our brand do best to help people?
2. Who are our ideal clients that we love to work with?
3. What will our brand success look like?

When you work out your authentic brand vision and how to communicate that foundation, then the work undertaken by a creative agency, or your own business team will have a high chance of being in line with where you want to take your brand.

Cosmic? Not really, just a matter of taking some time for yourself to set your clear brand vision.

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