The desperate (wo)man… creative discovery and change

I want to be an artist.

That’s the message that was desperately trying to get my attention until recently when I finally decided to listen.

Many of my friends said ‘but we already think of you as an artist.’

The point is that this message from myself has been simmering under the surface but I never actually took it seriously enough to do anything about it.

I am always busy with plenty of activities, creative and otherwise that I never prioritise developing this ability and learning new skills. Plus being busy blocked me from hearing how important this ‘artist’ part of me is.

Of course we could do an analysis – subconscious fear – the planets were not aligned – or plain old timing in life.

However I think that after this ‘not quite what we were expecting’ year, it gave me the time to listen more closely and something inside me clicked …

Discovery and change are constant.

While at an art class I was completely captivated by a self portrait of 19th century French artist Gustave Courbet, The Desperate Man.

An innovator of his time as a realist artist he was apparently committed to painting only what he could see.

This expressive self portrait reveals his inner realms through the wild-eyed stare, it captures a state-of-mind in a moment. Perhaps an inner voice of despair or simply an unacknowledged desire calling out to be heard.

No true creative desire is just about gratification. They are about knowing what we are being compelled to express and share with the world no matter what the outcome.

Living a life with purpose is following ‘this knowing’ through with action.

Only recently through a friend and coach who I am working with, did I discover how often I use the words ‘I don’t know’ to keep me in a state of perpetually not knowing!

What does this have to do with branding?

Knowing who we are and what we want is all part of driving our brand with passion and enthusiasm…and we are allowed to change.
We don’t have total control over what happens around us but we can decide what we do with our energy and creativity and how we evolve our brand.
What do you do when your vision and values change?
Simple, you do a deep dive and look into the heart of your brand. 
Ask yourself:
• What now seems unaligned? 
• What is your new vision? has this changed a lot or a little… 
• What values are still true and which others now have priority? 
• What are some of the steps/adjustments that you can make that will bring your brand and your creative desire into alignment?
The time we spend to do a re-evaluation of where we are and what we want to create next, always clears the path to be ready to take action and feel excited about where we are heading.


So what have you discovered about yourself this year that perhaps you are now ready to realise?

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